The Deming Institute Scholarship Program

The Deming Institute Scholarship Program gives students and individuals from non-profit organizations, businesses and educational institutions access to the teachings of Dr. Deming. Scholarships are awarded throughout the year for attendance at Deming Institute conferences and seminars, and to support research related to the theories of Dr. Deming.  

Would you like to donate a scholarship?  Please contact Darlene Suyematsu at [email protected], or 206-395-3084.  

A limited number of Named Scholarships are awarded each year to help individuals cover travel costs and registration fees for Deming Institute educational conferences, seminars and workshops, and for Deming research at The Library of Congress. The scholarships are established by generous donors who wish to help more people and organizations benefit from the teachings of Dr. Deming. 


•  The Dorothy Deming Scholarship 

•  The Lola S. Deming Scholarship 

•  The Pluma Irene Scholarship 

•  The Langford International, Inc. Scholarship Fund 

•  The Deming Institute Scholarship

•  The Library of Congress Scholarship 

If you are interested in applying for a named scholarship, or making a contribution to establish a named scholarship, please contact [email protected] or call Darlene Suyematsu at 206-395-3084.


Student scholarships are available for our conferences. You must be an active student and have an interest in the Deming philosophy.  

If you would like to apply for a scholarship to attend a future conference, watch for more information on our Events page.