Advisory Council

  • Kelly L. Allan

    Advisory Council Chair, Senior Associate - Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd

    Kelly Allan is the senior associate of Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd. A member of the Better Business Bureau since 1982, the company enjoys the BBB’s highest (A+) rating, with a spotless record of client satisfaction. In 1999, when Peter R. Scholtes (The Team Handbook and The Leader’s Handbook) retired, he recruited Kelly to continue his seminars and consulting practice. More recently, Kelly wrote a new chapter for the 3rd Edition of Dr. Deming’s seminal book, The New Economics. The chapter explains the relevance of Deming’s leadership method, includes case studies, and offers guidance on how to “do Deming.”[Read More]

  • Bill Bellows, Ph.D.

    President, InThinking Services

    Bill previously served as an Associate Trustee on the Board of The Deming Institute and as a staff team member, in the role of Deputy Director.[Read More]

  • Bob Browne

    Chairman Emeritus and former CEO, Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Company

    Bob Browne is author of Sys-Tao, Western Logic ~ Eastern Flow, which outlines his application of the Deming Philosophy. (Learn more about Great Plains' Deming transformation in this Deming Today profile.) [Read More]

  • Judy Cahill

    President - Judy Cahill Design

    Judy Cahill has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in advertising as a graphic artist, art director, art studio manager, and freelance designer for such agencies as DDB Worldwide, NW Ayer, and TBWA/Chiat/Day. Her experience includes managing large art departments, coordinating and simultaneously overseeing a multitude of projects, and working closely with account teams and clients. Judy has done advertising work for Carl’s Jr., Volkswagen, Wells Fargo, Apple, Pizza Hut, Audi, and Universal Studios, to name just a few. [Read More]

  • Hazel J. Cannon

    Director and Leader of the Deming Forum

    Hazel Cannon is the director and leader of the Deming Forum, a European not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating learning and networking opportunities for those who wish to deepen their understanding of the Deming system of management. Formerly, she was director of operations for Penhaligon’s, Royal Perfumers. She spent many years in systems management in medical electronics.[Read More]

  • Patricia A. Clark

    Business Consultant & Strategist

    Patricia Clark is a business consultant and strategist whose expertise evolved from human services through finance and business management to consulting in quality and program management, business strategy and organizational effectiveness. Her clients include large and small businesses, federal, state and local governments, nonprofits, associations, start-ups, manufacturing, e-commerce, telecom and academia.[Read More]

  • Lori R. Fry

    Management Consultant

    Lori Fry’s focus is developing and supporting cultures of quality and great opportunity. She has been a business management consultant for more than 20 years and is passionate about making workplaces great places to work. She is known for her successful leadership of the people side of complex technology implementations and business model transformation. She is often tapped to advise teams through the challenges associated with significant change. Her experiences have informed her appreciation for the Deming Leadership System™ and the System of Profound Knowledge® (SoPK); SoPK is the overarching framework through which Lori addresses her client work.[Read More]

  • Tim Higgins

    President, In2:InThinking Network

    Retired from 27 years at Rocketdyne in engineering, manufacturing and quality, Tim has worked as a NASA Safety and Mission Assurance Specialist for the last 10 years. He is a Partner of InVista Associates, Inc., working to assist organizations, particularly small to medium sized aerospace enterprises, develop the skills and knowledge to engage in a cycle of continuously moving from where they are to where they could be. He is President of the In2:InThinking Network, a non-profit aimed at increasing awareness of our thinking and how it dictates our behaviors.[Read More]

  • David P. Langford

    Founder & CEO - Langford International, Inc.

    David Langford is founder and CEO of Langford International, Inc. He is an international consultant, author and educator whose focus is to create sustained systemic improvement in student learning, school leadership and organizational processes. The concepts of Quality Learning, Quality Learning Performance, Just-In-Time Learning, the Self-Managed Classroom and Exponential Learning emerged out of these efforts.[Read More]

  • Dave Nave

    Improvement Advisor and Management Engineer

    Introduced to Dr. Deming’s ideas in 1985 while working as a Manufacturing Engineer at Borg-Warner Automotive, Dave graduated from the first class of the Deming Scholars Program with a MBA in Management Systems (Fordham University) and has participated and supported The W. Edwards Deming Institute since its inception in 1993. [Read More]

  • Balaji S. Reddie

    Founder, The Deming Forum India

    Balaji S. Reddie is the founder of The Deming Forum India and was recently honored by the National Centre for Quality Management for 20 years of contribution to the field of Quality in India. An engineer by trade, Balaji became highly interested in the Deming Philosophy after a chance introduction to the founder of the British Deming Association, Dr. Henry R. Neave, who became Balaji’s mentor. Since then, Balaji has introduced thousands to Deming’s teachings, including presenting papers for private and public audiences, and serving for 10 years as an Adjunct Professor in management colleges with a focus on production, operations, and supply chains. He is currently employed with an educational group, the Sri Balaji Society, in his hometown of Pune, India. (Learn more about Balaji in this December 2017 interview on The Deming Institute Podcast.)[Read More]

  • J. Daniel Robertson

    Manufacturing & Operations Senior Manager, retired

    Dan Robertson is a retired manufacturing and operations senior manager, having led teams involved in producing and supporting high-technology products with Hewlett-Packard and 3Com Corporation. He has been a student and practitioner of Dr. Deming's work since 1980. Dan coauthored Deming’s Profound Changes: When Will the Sleeping Giant Awaken?, a book about Dr. Deming’s approach to management and leadership.[Read More]

  • Mari Sparkjoy

    President, Sparkjoy Foundation

    Growing up in a family that regularly lived on the edge, Mari Sparkjoy developed an intense desire to make a difference in the world. She earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts at the University of Colorado after her children were born, and that creative spirit has allowed her to walk a path of unconventional success.[Read More]